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Other Personal Works

This is a collection of random standalone pieces I've done. They range from projects done for friends to fan pieces of different media I consume. It should be noted that some of these are signed under the name Kiana. That is me, I just go by Kip now.

Commission: Pet Portrait

I was asked by a close family friend to create a pet portrait for her parents' cat who had recently crossed the rainbow bridge. 

Kip Cat Commission
Jack Jack.jpg

Commission: Custom Mini Helmet

For this commission, I was asked to duplicate the style of another helmet for a gift for a child. He had always admired the motorcycle helmet of his uncle with some custom artwork. I digitally mocked up his name in said style to then transferred it via acrylic to a smaller baseball helmet. 

Kip Helmet Commission

This is just a placeholder box for now, I am awaiting the reference picture files as they were deleted from my devices when I switched tablets.

Commission: Twitch Avatar

Very similarly to how I have my own PNG model for streaming, I was asked to create one for the wife of a friend. She had asked me to draw it based on her Dungeons & Dragons character. This kind of avatar needs both an idle and active model to work. 

Kip Idle Elf Model
Kip Active Elf Model

She asked for the following elements to be incorporated:

  • Elven features

  • Right eye ice blue, left eye bright green

  • Black dragon scales highlighting left features

  • Gothic style

  • Spider familiar, web elements to accent

Standalone Works

Outside of Twitch, school projects, and commissions, I like to create pieces of work for myself and for fun. Here are some of those without any particular theme or category.

Kip Hands
Kip Toilet Bound Hanako
Kip Mob Psycho
Kip Genya
Kip Hawks Cosplay
Kip Sailor Moon Cosplay
Kip City 1
Kip City 2
Kip City 3
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