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School Projects

Much of my recent work has to do with finishing school projects in pursuit of my degree in graphic design. Many of these projects however still pull heavy inspiration from my personal interests.

Further Portfolio Reflection

With a selection of 10 specific works, take a look at this reflection of these pieces as part of my degree completion.

'Thematix' Conceptual Branding

This project was to develop a theoretical business and create branding for it. The ultimate goal was to create a collage showing what the business was about. I based my project on my work within Twitch and offering services for branding content creators. 

Kip headphones
Thematix text 1
Thematix text 2
Thematix text 3
Kip headphones with wire
Kip thematix draft 1
Kip thematix draft 2
Kip final thematix

'Upper Crust Bakery' Conceptual Branding

This assignment required a choice between two theoretical businesses that required a logo, letterhead, envelope, and business card. I decided on 'Upper Crust Bakery' which was a small Paris inspired bakery.

Upper Crust Sticker
Upper Crust Envelope
Upper Crust Business Card
Upper Crust Letterhead

Inspired Calendar Design

The prompt for this assignment was to choose a designer to take inspiration from and create a calendar for the semester. I chose Llew Meija as my designer. I appreciated the bright color usage with the wild and natural design elements that he uses.

Kip mushrooms
Kip plants
Kip leaf
Kip design calendar

Typographic Portrait: Glen Keane

The prompt for this assignment was to select a celebrity, artist, or person of influence and choose a font to create a typographic portrait for them. As someone who has always had a love for animation, I selected Glen Keane.

2D Glen Keane.png
Glen Keane Font 1.png

This is a showcase of the chosen font (a.k.a. an homage to a typeface)

Homage to Typeface.png

'A Day Without Sun' was chosen for its simple hand-drawn style that represents the joy of hand to paper and simplicity of creation.

The final typographic portrait features Glen Keane's most notable projects with not only Disney but Google, Kobe Bryant, Netflix, etc. It also incorporates words that encompass him as a person and his life. 

Typography: Magazine Spread

We were presented with 3-4 articles to read and decide on for this assignment. Whatever article was chosen required the development of the first two pages of a magazine spread to present the information. Finding a fitting theme, color scheme, and typeface to fit the article was what was being examined.

The cover on the left reflects the overall idea for this magazine spread title page with the right applying some refinements that better emphasize the hook statement. 

From the left to the right, the font size was increased and the "&" was altered to add dimension to this element of the title page.

5-2 Magazine Layout2.png
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