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Kip McDonald

My name is Kip McDonald and I am a passionate designer who loves to create fun and unique pieces of work. I am currently enrolled at SNHU to finish up a bachelors in Graphic Design. My current works center around my personal passion project (my Twitch channel) but school projects and commission work take a good chunk of my time as well. 


Much of my inspiration to be a designer/artist comes from my love for animation, game design, character design, and environment design. But, I also pull inspiration from literature, nature, and my close family and friends. I try to keep myself lighthearted and strive to reflect that in my work for others to laugh at and enjoy.

Kip McDonald

Digital Resume



Eager to expand knowledge. Picks up new information with ease. Applies new skills effectively.


Excels in a team. Communicates efficiently to best reach a solution. Builds off of criticism and new ideas.

Problem Solver

Solution minded worker. Willing to think outside of the box to get desired results. Not afraid to tackle a problem multiple times to explore best results.

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