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My Twitch channel now has come a long way since its beginnings. I completely changed my layouts, color theme, and assets along the way. This project page holds all those old files that are no longer active for me.

Scene Backgrounds + Overlays

My old theme was just an amalgamation of orange designs. My favorite color is orange so I leaned heavily into it.

deaththekip Banner
Kip Drip Banner
Kip Drip Overlay
Kip Lightning Banner

Emotes + Badges

Some of my original emotes and badges. My original emotes were in my likeness and I even featured my cat, Dragon. Because he's still known and beloved in my channel, I kept my cat emotes for my viewers even after I removed those of me.

At a certain point when you stream, you unlock something called 'channel points' for your viewers to accumulate while they watch. They can use these for fun things like sound redeems. These points can also have an icon to accompany them, mine were called 'Simp Points' when I first started.

Kip Laugh Emote
Kip Love Emote
Kip Rage Emote
Kip Sleepy Emote
Simp Logo Badge
Kip Rainbow Headphones
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