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Kip Designs Branding

This is a documentation and collection of my personal  branding suite. It covers the initial ideas I had for my logo as well as the final development after that into a business card, letterhead, and leave-behind sticker sheet.

Logo Mockups

When I was originally thinking of branding logos for myself, I wanted to play with the contrast between a monochrome element and a bright burst of color. I explored this in tandem with my name versus my initials. I ultimately decided to explore the first option on the left much more. Having such a short name works uniquely well with an interesting personal logo. This also opened up more possibilities with what I was able to explore with design and color. You can see the influences of this logo in my final design.

Logo Draft
Logo Draft
Logo Draft

Fully Conceptualized Logo (Draft 1)

For my logo design, I utilized pixelated motifs and chromatic aberration to tie myself to digital creation. This pairs nicely with the shortness of my name and enabled me to leave some interest with monochromatic elements. Having my logo be so bright also enables me to keep the rest of my branding simple and effective yet still interesting. The pixels not only serve as the dot in my "i" but also as a decorative piece I can use in branding. You can see I added this in all of my branding elements (business card, letterhead, and stickers).

Kip Logo Black
Kip Logo White
Front Business Card
Back Business Card
Business Card Display
Kip Letterhead
Letterhead with Text
Letterhead Display

Some of my biggest influences are game design and animation so the idea of chromatic abberation was inspired by the stylistic elements of the recent Spiderverse movies.

Kip Logo Sticker
Kip Pixel Sticker
Figg Sticker
Kip Headphone Sticker
Kip Sticker Sheet
Bottle with Kip Stickers

Final Logo Design + Branding Suite

After receiving feedback and critique from peers and professors, this is the updated final logo implementing design changes that further refine the look of my personal logo. The most prominent change is the subtext beneath "kip" the capitalization and aligning of "DESIGN" better evens out the logo and feels more professional despite the chromatic aberration design elements.

Website Square Business Card (Final).png
Website Letterhead.png
Website StickerSheet (Final).png
EnvelopeKipDesign (Final).png
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