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East Hawai'i Verizon

Whilst finishing my degree, I was asked to work on some mini projects for the regional Verizon store where I work. This included the #bEAST t-shirt concept as well as the Windward Mall store logo for our team.

#bEAST T-Shirt Contest

The first piece of work was for a regional contest. As a member of the East Hawai'i team, a design for a t-shirt was needed to embody the #bEAST spirit. The lead of this contest wanted a tiger shark incorporated in some way as well as the #bEAST tagline.

#bEAST_Logo_Concept (1).png

The big things that were asked to be incorporated were:

  • Tiger Shark for its relation to Hawai'i

  • #bEAST tagline

I also opted to add 'HI' for Hawai'i as well as incorporate the iconic Verizon red within the design for the initial ideas.

The final design is very similar to the shared concept above. Some slight alterations were suggested throughout the process. First, the 'HI' was made to be printable on both light and dark backgrounds. The gradient on the #bEAST text was made to fade further into the center line of the text. Finally, the Hawaiian islands were incorporated into the shark's spots for an added fun detail.

bEAST Logo (White).png
bEAST Logo (Dark).png
edited bEAST Logo (Dark).png
edited bEAST Logo (White).png

The designs below are a further refined alternative design to the above. Upon peer review, it was suggested that the "A" within the fin would be better readable as a cutout rather than a wholely incorporated gradient effect. 

Windward Mall Whales Logo

As a fun side project for our store, we made an updated logo. For many regions, stores get to create their own fun identity for intercompany communications. We decided on being the Windward Whales and needed a fun emblem as a result.


Much of the brainstorming and alterations were made in real time within our store. Originally, the logo was set to be a solid color whale rather than a dual colored whale. Things like the lumps on the head and fins were added for detail as well as the ridges on the underbelly. A Humpback Whale was chosen for its relationship to Hawai'i and its migration. The final decision was font, which you can see some of the options above.

Once the text was finalized, the spacing was adjusted and colors were approved. The breaching Humpback Whale that represents Windward is featured here.

WindwardWhales (Final).png
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